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email: robinannmead@gmail.com

phone 706-371-8227


I’m a Mixed Media, Water-coloring, Acrylic using Artist and Art Journaler. I Love color and use vibrant and bold colors to capture the joy in life. My favorite subjects are depictions of nature, preferably the ocean, landscapes, flowers and birds. I believe that we all have a colorful source of imagination and joy…and this is what I try to capture and inspire within my creations…Beauty, Joy and a Zest for Life…!
     After working in the field of Social Work as an MSW for many years I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Art. I wanted to combine my years of drawing and crafting with  formal art training and learn the professional  skills to enhance my artistic abilities. After attending an art school in Long Island, New York I began sharing my work in local shows and on the internet by way of websites, blogs and online shops. My work can be found in homes around the world as well as album covers, books, and in tutorials for creating art.
      I also love to share what I learn and to encourage others to use their own ideas, imaginations and skills to design their own creative life. There are so many ways to fulfill a dream of becoming a full time artist, and part of my online presence is to connect with others, inspire ideas and show how I live creatively. Ive also put together a few online courses which  include Make Your Mark, Digital Dreams,  Simple Seamless Repeat Patterns and Crazy Colorful Cityscapes.
      In 2013 my family and I decided to downsize… so we left  New York and moved  to a small town in Northeast Georgia. I left my full time position as a therapist, bought a few small houses and a bunch of acres and our family now resides on a small farm-like property with chickens, beautiful landscape and the most wonderful neighbors.  I   love to spend time at the ocean or in nature looking for inspiration, and always have a bag of art supplies ready in hand.. I live with my husband Wilson of 28 years  our 2 daughters Victoria and Rachel, son in law Alex,  his parents and friends enjoying our time in the deep south.

My Web Page: http://robinmeaddesigns.com
My Blog: http://insightsandbellylaughs.com