Auction Guidelines

  Auction Guidelines
Welcome! It is an honor and privilege to be able to
work with you and help you sell your amazing work.


1. You must follow one or all pages that you wish to submit to:

Artisan Auctions Online on Facebook

@ArtAuctionsDaily on Instagram

@Handcraftersonlineauction on Instagram

        2. Select 

Send four photo’s of each selected piece at different angles (front, back, left side, right side, close up, or distance) with a document stating title of piece (if applicable), about the piece (size, dimension, type, and/or any pertinent info needed), starting bid and shipping price. Please send all pictures and associated information in one email with your first name as the subject title.

Please keep in mind when you select a starting bid, you should feel comfortable letting go of the piece at that price if it only gets one bid. Your pricing should be consistent with the prices you are currently selling at and not higher. Sometimes pieces only get one bid, sometimes more than one person fights for the piece and sometimes a piece does not get any bids at all. There are no guarantees made in this agreement.

Pieces should be submitted no later than 3 days prior to the day your pieces will be auctioned.

  1. Promote

Invite through your IG account and if you have a Facebook page, display there as well. Post photos of the pieces you will be auctioning on your page/s and use the link Artisan Online Auctions (Facebook) and/or @artauctionsdaily (Instagram) and @handcraftersonlineauction (Instagram) include the tags #artauctionsdaily and #artisanauctionsofinstagram

Once your pieces are up on @artauctionsdaily  you must comment on the page and tag 10 people that you think might like to submit a handcrafted piece, bid or browse.

The curator will promote your piece before your auction begins and throughout the day.

  1. Payment

You must have a current PayPal account. Please send  your PayPay email along with your artisan photo’s and information.

The monies for your sold items will go straight into your PayPal account. Please note that PayPal will charge a fee, these fees are your responsibility. My commission as curator is 20% and is calculated from all winning bids. Please send the commission portion to my PayPal account at by 9:30pm EST,  after the close of your auction. By then everyone should have paid. I will need a list of who has not paid on the night your auction ends so that I can remind them to get all payments completed.

  1. Auction Day

Your auction will begin at 12 pm EST and closing will be at 9pm EST. If you can be around to congratulate winners that would be great.

  1. Sold items

When someone wins, “SOLD” will be typed on the header of the auction piece and the bidder will be informed of your PayPal email.

You must send out all packages within 1-3 days of your auction. You are responsible for shipping your items securely. Any pieces that arrive damaged are your responsibility and refunds should be handled with the buyer. Insurance is optional but highly recommended. Any loss on damaged items will be your responsibility.

If a customer requests an invoice you can arrange that with them.

If the piece has been sold and paid for by the bidder through PayPal but the item has not been sent, the customer will be advised to do the following:

    1. Contact you to resolve the issue. If no resolution…
    2. The customer will open a dispute in the PayPal resolution center and put a hold on their payment. If no resolution…
    3. The customer will escalate the dispute into a claim.
  1. Post Auction

After your auction is complete, any unsold pieces will continue to be up for bid (unless otherwise stated). At times buyers will still want to bid on pieces that did not get snatched up. The buyer will be able to take the piece home at the starting bid. This is always allowed and will fall under the contract.

This is an online exhibit of your work, so I ask that you do not sell your auction pieces outside of the auction until your day has ended.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at or message me on IG @artauctionsdaily.

I look forward to working together and having some fun!