Handmade Art Journals 

This is a collection of my handmade art journals. I use many different papers and styles when making my journals The "Meadori" style has removable pages and you can have your choice of blank painted stittched collaged or mixed pages. You can take out the pages to create on and then put back in, or you can interchange the pages with new papers that you buy or make your self.

My other style is the "Glue Book Style which uses a glue binding that makes the book even chunkier and the pages lay totally flat. This style is very thick and heavier than my Meadori style, and filled with little secret pockets and surprises too..!

My third style is the “Accordion” style. I create this with 2 covers and each side opens to its own  journal. This style is stitched together with machine stitching and has pockets within the pages. It also lays flat and can act as a regular style journal when flipping pages. I think it’s my new fave❤️❤️

My 4th and newest style is the Travelers Notebook insert style that can fit into a Travelers Notebook or can be used as it is. It has mixed pages just as the others do and extra little goodies👍