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Art Journal  Enchantment

Art Journal Enchantment

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Art Journal 

Colorful Handmade Art journal

 Handmade Art Journal with a bluebird on the cover is the perfect addition to any supply list. This journal is perfect gift for any artisan or crafter.  The watercolor and mixed media pages are removable, so you can take them out and create on a flat surface, and then add back in when they are dry, or interchange pages when you like. My journal contains half watercolor paper and half mixed media paper, and some of the pages are painted with acrylic paint and ink, here is a link to making your own .

You dont need a lot of supplies just elastic, watercolor paper and duck tape to make a Handmade Art journal. Try adding a print on the cover or just draw one.  Also make this in a 9 x 12 size or even an 11 x 14 if you like. Weve  been making journals for years while after starting out with a cereal box for the cover. Over the years I started using prints and originals for the covers.

Its great to be able to take the pages out and create on a flat surface, also adding  specialty papers and odd papers like brown wrap or deli paper too.  Add anything you like even newsprint or coloring book pages, and I have often used underpaper too for creating a colorful background with lots of layers.  It is fun to add old book pages too or even wrapping paper or leftover thin cardboard too.   However you choose to fill your journal is great. Knowing that you can change it is even better, because there are so many options for deciding what to use. Its fun and it is all in your own imagination.  Have fun trying new things, and please share when you do. Thank you for taking the time to visit  my website