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Colorful Art Journal Happy Joyful Goodness Mixed Media Robin Mead

Colorful  Art Journal

Mixed Media Colorful Art Journal

This Colorful Art Journal was created with a piece of an original artwork for the cover, it was the leftover piece from this creation Here , I thought it would make a perfect cover for this journal that is filled with Colorful Art Journal Pages.Here are a bunch of the pages that are inside, they are all on 90 lb mixed media paper and are created by me Robin Mead.:)

So I just put the finishing touches on this Colorful Art Journal, the ribbons on the binding..I feel like they add a special touch. I havent been doing it this way  lately due to the elastic binding that I add to make the pages removable.  But I figured out a way to have both.I tied yarn to both ends so I could add the ribbon on..I just love it. I used to add ribbon this way on my old journals with a standard stitched i really missed doing that.!

Here are a bunch of the colorful pages that are inside this Colorful Art Journal.

I just love how these turned out..

Of course I always must add some black and white too..

This was created with my handmade rubber stamps that you can see here


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