This is a collection of downloads in the form of digital paintings, collages and doodles that you can download as many times as you like, and use in your work. You can print and use for wall art, use as wallpaper for computer or phone, or my fav,  cut up and use in your art as collage or  points of interest. You can also have them printed on canvas at stores like Walmart and Walgreens, at huge discounts.. just upload file. These can also be used for your digital creations, in your journals and planners and as decorative papers for your digital journals or planners as well.  After payment is received, a file will be emailed to you!😁  You may sell the work that you use these in, but please do not resell the downloads as they are. Thank you and enjoy❤️❤️The file will be at 300 dpi and can be printed up to 8.5 x 11. You can print smaller if you like but if you print bigger it will lose quality. If you are printing at home I suggest a nice luster paper by Epson or HP or an Ultra premium matte if you are going to frame. When using for collage a nice premium matte paper, I use Epson and it works very well.. great color and clarity👍❤️