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Craft Paint Masterpiece Art Journal Challenge Addition

Craft Paint Masterpiece Art Journal Challenge Addition

Here is an extra video for the day I missed..I will uploading all of my future videos on my YouTube Channel here .Thank you all so much for was such fun and so inspiring to see all of your creations. Later today I will announce the 2 winners after picking the names out of a hat, each time you posted I entered you name so the more you shared the more times you got added to the "hat" going to continue to add videos on my page either here or on my blog or youtube..either way I will post about new videos here so you can be alerted. Face book really wants us to add more videos and live posts, so I will also be doing more of that..they want us to add great content so I hope you feel that you get great content when you visit is of course my goal, so Id welcome any ideas or suggestions on things you would like to see..and Ill do my best to share..!:)<3

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  • I LIKE THIS!!! The simplicity of it is beautiful!!!

    Lisa Denham

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