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Having Fun Working on Pieces for Stephanie Gagos 2017 Handmade Holiday Auction

Having fun working on pieces for Stephanie Gagos 2017 Handmade Holiday Auction

Handmade Holiday Auction

Theres nothing more fun than going on a creative spree with each day dedicated to making art.This time Im getting ready for the 2017 Handmade Holiday Auction with Stephanie Gagos. If you ahvent heard about it go sign up now at the link provided, there will be so many amazing artists and their gorgeous paintings, sculptures, art dolls, and a lot of other surprises.  As usual my focus is on color..and a little line too.  My pieces dont fall into one category, except colorful. Today Im working on a few abstracts, an abstract floral and a simple rose garden. I go go back and forth between Golden fluid acrylic paint, Liquitex inks and Winsor and Newton watercolors. Ive been up since 5am today and just having fun splashing paint around for the base or background. Then after its dry I start to add special touches, shapes, designs and anything that comes to mind. Looking outside I get a lot of inspiration from the way the light hits the trees, or the detail in flowers and leaves. I guess the real fun comes in when you dont plan what you are doing and just go with the flow. Thanks for stopping by ill have more updates this week.

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