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Making "Mexican Blankets" ..these are inspired by the gorgeous mexican textiles that use color in a fabulous way

"Mexican Blankets"

Heres a few pics of my studio and some of the latest samples of my experimental "Mexican Blankets" small format art on paper and larger ones on wood.I am always so inspired by the textiles from Peru and Mexico, but I really like creating on paper and canvas, well except for my crocheted afghans.  I create these using a whole bunch of supplies, acrylic, watercolor, ink, crayon, and paint pens and today Im adding some stamping made from my hand-carved eraser stamps using the Safety Linocut Carving Tool  and Big Erasers. I use the carving tool to make random designs on the erasers and just use them to add pattern and detail to my stripes. I love the added black design that the stamps a bit of texture too:) What do Ya'll think? Do they remind you of colorful textiles from around the world:)




  • Thank you Darien

  • Robin Mead, color, color in these art papers are beautiful. I’m learning to create art journaling in my moleskin, Dylusion journal books.

    Darien Sebastian-Hamlin

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