"Wonder" ..My Biggest Journal Ever

"Wonder" ..My Biggest Journal Ever

Wonder..My Biggest Journal Ever

"Wonder" 18 x 18 inches

Ive had this in my mind for months "Wonder", my biggest journal ever.. an 18 x 18 inch journal.. filled with 140 lb watercolor paper. These pages are removable so you can take them out, create on them, and add back in when dry. You can also replace or interchange with other paper or even canvas if you like.Sometimes I use brown wrap or white shipping paper too. The cover is created with watercolor ink and acrylic and is called Wonder"This journal will be in The 2017 Handmade Holiday Event with Stephanie Gagos. Its definitely a conversation piece👍😁👏

The cover.."Wonder" is created on 140 lb watercolor paper, and I used Golden Fluid acrylics, Winsor and Newton watercolors and Liquitex inks. First I drew a rough sketch in pencil, then added permanent ink and continued with light layers of paint until I was able to achieve a saturated look. People always ask me how I get such rich colors with watercolor. The truth is I hardly ever just use one medium. I am always combining acrylic ink and other supplies to get the colors a certain way. I feel too many people give up when their colors don't come out bold and bright..but that is because they don't use enough layers, or they dont  use different mediums. This is something that I will be discussing in some upcoming online classes that I will be participating in..Stay Tuned for details.:)


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