My Mandala Obsession

My Mandala Obsession

Robin Mead Mandalas

My Messy Mandalas

Ive been working on mandalas over the years, some big some small but after realizing that I love "messy mandalas" they have taken on a whole new meaning to me. I love the imperfections, the off center circles, the crooked lines. Each mark that i make reflects exactly how I feel in a given moment, and Im not editing at all. If it comes out crooked, I keep it and enhance those marks. If a color is off, I paint it again and blend the two. If its lopsided I exaggerate it. There are no mistakes and at the end..its always a joyful, beautiful colorful experience that resembles life, with its ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad..and in the end a joyful experience! Below are just a few that I love!


Robin Mead Mandala

robin mead mandala on canvas with painted driftwood


robin mead pink mandala


robin mead mandala on mixed media paper my messy mandala


robin mead mandala on canvas with colored driftwood


stitched post card mandala robin mead


robin mead colorful mandala in the making


colorful mandalas robin mead



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