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My Messy Mandala

My Messy Mandala or shall I say #mymessymandala

If youre on love if you follow me there as I'm having an ongoing Mandala Making Tagfest here at  I'm making messy mandalas.with cheapo craft paint and mixed media papers..of course I use a little #Golden Fluids and some #Liquitex Inks too but the majority of these gorgeous mandalas are made with inexpensive supplies..So jump on over and tag your friends and make some messy mandalas. The good part is perfection  isnt allowed..the messier the better. I just begin with no plan in mind and create with just fun lines marks and creative abandon. On Instagram, tag your images with #mymessymandala on Fb you can join the group here My Messy Mandala  Heres a few of my favs



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